206 N. Magnolia Drive
Wiggins, MS 39577
Phone: 601-928-4682

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About Us

Mission Statement:
Alexander Hardware and Supply's mission is to provide goods and services, competitive pricing, and problem solving through knowledgeable, friendly, personal, unparalleled service to help better our community.
Values Statement:
Since 1948, our values have never changed:
  • Community: both within our walls and outside our walls
  • Customers: through service and relationships
  • Employees: knowledge, experience and accountability
  • Family/Friends: both new and old 



Alexander Hardware & Supply enjoys a rich heritage of serving the community through the hardware business. A third generation family business, Alexander Hardware and Supply is an integral part of Stone County and its history.

The story of Alexander Hardware can't be told today without going back to 1948 when it all began. A bright, energetic, high school educated young man visited the local hardware store to make a purchase. It was raining that day and he was not able to go to work at his job on a road construction crew. The business had only been open for three months. The store owner, Billy Jack Dees, asked the young man to make a delivery for him. The store owner saw a lot of promise in the young man and convinced him to work full time at the building supply.
Old StoreThe name of the store was Dees Building Supply. It was located at 205 North Magnolia Drive. The young man's name is Billy Ray Alexander. He worked very hard learning about the business. In 1957 Billy Ray's wife, Grace was hired as the bookkeeper and in 1968, Billy Ray became partner. In 1977 Billy Ray became full owner. Billy Ray and Grace's son, John, started working in the store as a young teenager. After receiving an Associates Degree, John decided to make the hardware store his career. John was instrumental in building a new building to accommodate growing demand and the business moved across the street to 206 North Magnolia Drive in 1996.
Grace was ready to retire in 1988 and John's wife, Gabrielle, was hired to fill in where Grace left off. Continuing the family tradition, after earning a degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, John and Gabrielle's son, Brenton Alexander, joined the force as CEO in 2007. Brenton, like his father, worked in the store as a young teenager and he also had great knowledge of the hardware business.
A key part of the business' success lies in the employees. Alexander Hardware & Supply's staff is comprised of 147 years of experience. Many of the employees began working at the store when they were in high school and have gained valuable knowledge which enables them to proivde exelent service to customers.
Alexander Hardware & Supply is the inaugural recipient of the Stone County Economic Development Partnership Small Business of the Year Award, Wiggins Rotary Club Pride of Ownership Award, and the North American Retail Hardware Association Young Retailer of the Year Award.